One Stop Franchise and Slush Puppie to build on 2016 retail success


The growing retail partnership between One Stop Franchise and Slush Puppie is going to get a whole lot tastier for retailers and their customers this summer. The introduction of a strong trade plan coupled with the launch of Slush Puppie’s new ‘Flavour Treats’ will help to build upon the sales success of 2016.

Slush Puppie ‘Flavour Treats’ are a new range of Slush Puppie flavour’s available for 2017, and One Stop Franchise will be ensuring that their customers get to enjoy these great new flavours from April to September with a New flavour hitting stores each month. Galen Levi, head of product for One Stop Franchise, said: “Our franchisees who signed up for Slush Puppie have seen some phenomenal summer sales, so we were keen to work even closer with Slush Puppie to seek further opportunities throughout the year, all of which will help amplify the incremental sales benefit. The latest Flavour Treats launch is another way to keep customers engaged in the brand and provides franchisees with the opportunity to test great new flavours in their stores.”

Launch calendar:

  • Fruit Salad Slush Puppie April – Mid May
  • Blackcurrant Burst Slush Puppie Mid May – Mid June
  • Strawberry & Cream Slush Puppie Mid June – July
  • Sour Apple Slush Puppie August – September

One Stop Franchise and Slush Puppie started their retail partnership in early 2016 and have seen sales go from strength to strength in stores. The introduction has improved franchisees gross margin whilst adding little to their labour overhead. The product has been a great new retail opportunity for both One Stop Franchise & Slush Puppie and has continually evolved with new launches and the introduction of the famous Slush Puppie Bone Cup and latterly the incorporation of it into One Stop’s much praised meal deal. The latest ‘Flavour Treats’ are another way to keep consumers engaged in the brand, while providing more variety throughout summer.

Head of sales for UK & Ireland, Kevin Scoles added: “The roll out of the new flavour range in One Stop stores is a very exciting opportunity for the Slush Puppie brand and we are sure that it will lead to further sales growth of the product within One Stop Franchise stores. One Stop has given us a great opportunity to take our products to more consumers outside of leisure and we want to work with them to continue to build upon last year’s success.”