One Stop franchisees record strong like-for-like growth


One Stop reports its franchise model is reaping rewards for independent retailers, with franchisees showing +9.4% like for like growth in the year to date.

Against the backdrop of a challenging market, the figures point to the group’s retail focus and convenience expertise providing independent retailers with a strong competitive advantage. The percentages relate to all franchisees that have been trading with One Stop for over a year. Additional like for like measures such as footfall and basket spend indicate a similar trend, growing by +4% and +7.4% respectively.

Further signs of the positive impact of switching to One Stop Franchise are shown by the turnover increases between pre- and post-refit, with stores experiencing an 18% uplift overall, excluding seasonality.  These upturns are generally an additional boost to a store’s turnover, having already implemented One Stop’s extensive promotions, renowned value and ways of working during the transition period building up to a refit.

Andrew King, One Stop’s Franchise director, said: “The figures speak for themselves and support the business decision our franchisees have made in joining One Stop. This is only the start of our journey however and it’s our objective to ensure that our franchisees’ businesses continue to grow, both in turnover and profitability.  Our four-weekly focused BDM business visits and the enhanced reports we produce, one of our many USPs, help us to plan, build and deliver long-term, sustainable growth.”

The One Stop franchise in Alderman’s Green, Coventry has seen remarkable growth in their business since moving to One Stop and extending their sales area to 1,200sq ft during the store refit. Partner Sarjit Dhillon revealed:

“Our turnover has increased by 70% to date and continues to build steadily. Fifteen per cent of the sales growth actually came during our transition period, so it was purely down to the promotions being implemented, as well as the gradual introduction of our new product range.  However things really took off once the store was refitted and we’ve never looked back. Our sales shot up by a further 40% in the first week alone and are still growing.  We’re absolutely delighted with our decision to join One Stop and the incredible feedback we’ve had from our customers shows that they are too!”