One Stop launches ‘Carriers for Causes’ funding scheme

One Stop has launched ‘Carriers for Causes’, a new funding scheme where community groups can apply for funding grants of up to £1000 towards a variety of local projects.


The money raised from the government’s 5p bag charge in England will be used by One Stop to fund local community projects across the UK and the scheme will be administered by environmental charity Groundwork. Groundwork has a strong track record supporting organisations with managing grant schemes of all sizes, ensuring maximum impact for the investments made.

Graham Duxbury, CEO of Groundwork UK, said: “We are delighted to be working alongside One Stop stores and customers to fund thousands of community projects across the UK. There are so many benefits to be gained from making sure our communities have the means to come together and create something special in their local area. It enables communities to be cleaner, safer, more engaged and most importantly, ensures that they are stronger as people get to know their neighbours better as they have more opportunities to meet and interact. We look forward to ‘Carriers for Causes’ helping groups come together and work together to make their community a better place to live.”

‘Carriers for Causes’ is a rolling programme, meaning that community groups can apply for funding all year round to help their local area. Applicant groups must be within two miles of a One Stop store to ensure the money is going back into their customers’ local community. The programme is a great opportunity for local community groups both large and small to benefit from money being collected in their local area, whilst also reducing the environmental impact of carrier bags.

All One Stop Franchisees also charge for carrier bags so that they too can give back to their local community. As part of the ‘Carriers for Causes’ scheme they too can make a difference at a really local level and build strong links in their local community.

Supporting POS and digital activation will be provided to showcase where the money has been spent and how it’s made a difference throughout the year. Stores will be encouraged to work with the local press to raise awareness of the project being funded in their area.

To apply for funding or for further information please visit Groundworks website: