One Stop launches Social Media guide for Franchisees

With social media at the forefront of community engagement it is becoming an ever more important communication tool for local retailers to get specific, targeted messages to their customers.

Social Media Guide_FRONTCOVER

One Stop has its own Facebook and Twitter account along with One Stop Franchise, so it was about time the skills and knowledge of the digital marketing team launched a valuable tool kit for their franchisee’s to help create online engagement and drive footfall into stores.

The toolkit has been designed to benefit all levels from novice to those who are very familiar with how it all works, covering a multitude of platforms including Facebook and Twitter. The development of the toolkit was done together with franchisee’s that are already using social media successfully in their community to give hints and advice.

The guide covers benefits of engaging with social media, how to highlight promotions, how to run competitions, how to link in with the wider community and customers alike, including guidance on customer service and the brand tone of voice.

Galen Levi, head of commercial for One Stop Franchise, said: “We’re really pleased to have lanched this guide in conjunction with our Franchisee’s to help those less familiar with Social Media. It’s a really powerful tool that can be used to drive footfall and sales in stores. Future plans are being worked through, including offering a default set-up when new stores come on board, and the development of a creative suite in which retailers can access content from the main brand pages and also create their own whilst remaining on brand.”