One Stop ramps up customer focus with ‘Smart, Smile, Serve’ in-store initiative

One Stop is launching its new customer initiative in-store, based on insight gained from its successful ‘My Local One Stop’ (MLOS) programme.

Customer Week marks the public unveiling of the initiative across the One Stop estate, within both company-owned and franchise stores. From 15 June, all stores will launch the customer-facing element of One Stop’s new customer promise, which is focused on three key aspects ‘Smart, Smile, Serve’. The short-term objective is to ensure that every customer receives great service from a smart colleague, who smiles and serves them as quickly as possible.  Longer term, the mission is to build One Stop’s value that ‘the customer is at the heart of everything we do’ into the DNA and culture of the entire business.

The new customer promise was developed in response to feedback from the group’s MLOS programme, which was launched almost two years ago and has had more than 64,000 responses from customers to date. The scheme invites customers to give their opinions about their local store, simply by picking up an invitation card in-store or using the unique details on their receipt in order to register their comments. The insight highlighted three areas that One Stop could improve on: prices, helpfulness and queues. Having responded to the first point via its everyday low pricing on milk, bread and eggs, One Stop then initiated its customer service project to address the other aspects.

The Customer Promise was unveiled to colleagues during last September’s company roadshows and appeared behind the scenes in-store in January this year. Reinforcing the three Ss to all store colleagues via floor vinyls and posters in the back office has already had a major impact on customer satisfaction, with MLOS receiving its best ever response rates to date. Complaints have reduced, compliments have increased and the ‘likelihood to recommend’ and ‘overall satisfaction’ measures have both improved by around 10% year-on-year.

All stores have been provided with a customer toolkit, which includes items such as a window poster, badges and action plans, whilst colleagues have also completed a Customer Service E-learning module. To help everyone deliver the message and engage with customers, the number of tasks they would normally carry out in-store have been limited for the week and a number of One Stop’s support team will also be in-store.

One Stop’s customer director, Lizzie Reynolds, said: “Prior to this week’s launch, we held five roadshows across the country in May, attended by well over 1,000 colleagues – including all our store managers, support roles and a number of our franchisees. Our intention was to reiterate our customer promises through an interactive and fun day, so that everyone was ready for the activity. The aim of this week is to communicate our promise to our customers and encourage their ongoing feedback on how we’re performing. We look forward to measuring its success in due course and continuing to improve the service we provide to our customers. Within One Stop, we serve nearly 4 million customers every week and delivering great service will set us apart from our competitors.”