One Stop to roll out contactless payment to all stores following trial


One Stop is about to commence a roll-out of its contactless payment solution, following a successful trial within a number of company-owned and franchise stores.

One Stop: contactless roll out

One Stop: contactless roll out

One Stop’s four week trial commenced in January and all new stores since then have also had the technology installed. The majority of the group’s franchised stores already have the facility to accept contactless payments for transactions of £20 or below, as an accredited low value provider. The solution offers stores enhanced security as well as speeding up transaction times.

According to Richard Koch, head of policy at the UK Cards Association (source: Business Reporter, 23 February 2015), contactless payments have risen by 255% over the last year, meaning that almost 3% of all transactions in the UK are now contactless.

One Stop’s customer director, Lizzie Reynolds, said: “We’ll soon commence the roll-out to all of our stores and anticipate that this will be completed by the end of April. The solution is ideally geared to our sector, with the average spend falling below the maximum allowed payment and customers wanting to be served quickly. The popularity of this technology in our trial stores is already clear to see, with contactless representing 10% of all transactions.”