One Stop rolls out IRI Collaboration Gateway to assist suppliers

One Stop, a retail convenience business with over 750 shops in the UK and a subsidiary of Tesco, has launched a new supplier collaboration portal. The One Stop Collaboration Gateway was implemented by IRI, a leading provider of FMCG market intelligence and actionable insight from predictive analytics. It will give One Stop and more than 500 of its suppliers direct access to daily, transaction-level point-of-sale (POS). Both the retailer and its suppliers will now be able to view the same real-time insight and work together more effectively.

IRI’s Collaboration Gateway solution unifies retailer and manufacturer intelligence so that there is accurate up to date sales data across all of One Stop’s 750 convenience stores. Suppliers will also receive daily sales updates that they can use to track brand performance and consumer shopping trends.

Paul Hinds, senior vice president of retail Ssolutions at IRI said: “We’re really excited to add One Stop to our list of retail Collaboration Gateway clients. One Stop’s decision to choose IRI is a big thumbs up for our holistic retailer solutions and the importance of sharing granular-level insight and data with suppliers.”

John Wootton, head of commercial at One Stop, said: “The One Stop Collaboration Gateway combines cutting edge technology with daily sales data.  We can now pinpoint exactly what is happening across all of our stores and share that information in real-time with our suppliers. It will ensure that we can identify trends and sales patterns and, importantly, work more closely with our suppliers to act upon the insight. For our suppliers this level of detailed data is priceless.  They will be able to benchmark their performance down to store-level detail, spot paths to growth and adapt promotional strategies in response to shopper behaviour.”