Online accounting software company, Xero, goes on the hunt for tech start-ups


Online accounting software company, Xero, is to give tech start-ups and developers an opportunity to reach its 157,000 strong customer-base.

The platform claims it has transformed the way many business owners and managers manage their finances, making previously time-consuming processes such as invoicing and tracking payments much easier. The software also provides real-time visibility of accounts, providing better cash flow visibility. 

Around 200 discrete products already integrate with Xero’s Open API, giving accountants useful practice tools and providing businesses with access to cutting-edge point of sale, e-commerce and reporting applications. For the online accounting platform, the partnerships extend the scope of technology, while developers benefit from exposure to Xero’s rapidly-growing user base.  

One of many partnership success stories, for Receipt Bank, integrating with Xero is helping to generate significant international growth. Founded in 2010, the innovative service eases the burden of processing receipts for customers by scanning and extracting relevant data.

Following its collaboration with Xero, demand for the service was such that Receipt Bank now has offices in two continents.

“Xero is extremely good at fostering an inclusive online accounting community, providing lots of opportunities for companies to interact,” said Receipt Bank co-founder and head of partnerships, Michael Wood.

“It’s a model that benefits all parties. Originally, Receipt Bank was intended to be a UK-only company but we got so much interest from Xero users and partners in other countries that in January this year, we opened-up a new office in Auckland.

“The advantages of online bookkeeping and accounting for small businesses and accountants are irresistible. It’s a rising tide – and Xero is at the forefront of that tide.”

Heading-up the hunt for new UK tech partners is Xero’s newly-appointed strategic partnerships manager, Jon Bellamy. Formerly responsible for corporate relationships at IRIS Software Group, he is now responsible for channel growth and the development of Xero’s add-on ecosystem in the UK.

Bellamy will also look to form strategic partnerships with major vendors in and around the accounting software and small business market, including the UK banking community.

“Xero is absolutely committed to putting the latest, best solutions in reach of our expanding user community,” said Xero UK managing director Gary Turner. “The appointment of Jon, combined with his strong connections in the industry, is key to this on-going strategy and I’m confident that he will help Xero generate fantastic new UK technology and industry partnerships.”