Online cookery school, Sorted, to give youth cooking skills on daily show

Sorted: new daily online show planned

Sorted: new daily online show planned

Online UK cookery school, Sorted, is launching a daily food channel on 23 April 2012 to target young people looking to equip themselves with life skills neglected by the National Curriculum. 

With an estimated 17m of the ‘now’ generation not taught a single cookery lesson in the National Curriculum, a growing number of students, young adults and professionals, are turning to this online movement to fill the gap left by the education system, the company claims.

Sorted was founded as a group of eight young friends who shared recipes and tips between themselves at university (led by a trained chef, Ben Ebbrell). 

In two years the concept has gone on to win International acclaim (Best online programme at The Banff World Media Festival 2011) and now serves an online community with cookery lessons and food videos. 

Sorted reports it has been driven to launch a daily cookery channel in response to the demands from its dedicated online community. 

The Sorted team claim to attract 1m views per month on platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

Its mission is to address the food problems of the UK with a modern-day solution. The recipes respond to current food crises; covering topics such as avoiding food wastage, counterbalancing the rise in food prices, cutting down on the environmental impact of consuming excess meat, plus short-cuts for those lacking in time. There is no other channel in the world which engages with young people about food on the same scale as Sorted, the company claims.

Sorted will release a recipe video each day online, using the ingredients recommended at the beginning of the week to ensure wastage, cost and time are kept to an absolute minimum; as well as a weekly show which keeps the Sorted community up-to-date and explains the inspiration behind food stories.