Online destination for luxury home products partners with Sailthru to transform the individual customer experience

FacebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmailFacebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmail, an online destination for luxury home products, has entered a long-term partnership with Sailthru, the automated personalisation platform, to transform individual customer experiences across all digital touchpoints. said it prides itself on providing customers with a luxury online shopping experience that includes personal shopping, hand-picked products and monthly style edits. With Sailthru, can achieve an outstanding level of personalisation in a wide range of marketing activity, including email newsletter deployment and product recommendations.

Sailthru will create actionable ‘user interest graphs’ that catalogue and weight the products customers are most interested in and combine this with past purchase and behavioural data, such as preferred device (laptop, mobile or tablet) and optimal time of day for engagement. Armed with these rich customer profiles, LuxDeco can serve 1:1 real-time product and content recommendations that drive click-through rates and purchases.

Jonathan Holmes, CEO & founder,, said: “Our offering is based around providing the best service and experience to our customers as possible. We initially created our company as we recognised a need from consumers to not only have access to high-quality homeware products but also the service and expertise to support them. Working with Sailthru ensures that we continue to provide the superior level of engagement with our customers, which is core to our company proposition.”

Neil Capel, founder and CEO Sailthru, said: “Understanding the customer is central to creating any successful ecommerce company, as consumers are aware of how a brand interacts with them more than ever before. Working with is a great opportunity for Sailthru to partner with a fast-growing company which has a strong focus on providing a personalised experience. proves that going that extra mile to share style inspiration, with additional features such as personal shopping, is the key to delivering a unique customer journey and is fundamental to the luxury market.”