Online marketplace provider, Mirakl, introduces Bitcoin as a payment option for retail customers

Online marketplace provider, Mirakl, is now allowing its retail customers to offer Bitcoin as a payment option to consumers on their websites and e-commerce channels.

Mirakl works with some of the world’s most well-known retailers, including Darty, Galeries Lafayette and Woolworths. While co-founder Adrien Nussenbaum is not expecting an immediate rush of Bitcoin payments, he believes that Bitcoin will eventually become a significant currency.

“I don’t expect our customers to have huge turnover from Bitcoin payments initially, but we want them to be ready for when consumers do embrace it,” he said. “Although there is a perception of it being risky from a security perspective, Bitcoin is rich with potential and cannot be dismissed as a fad.”

Mirakl helps retailers create their own marketplace, adding a platform where buyers and sellers can interact. It fits seamlessly with a retailers’ brand and existing presence to offer increased product choice and profits without inventory and logistics costs and restraints.

Six in 10 UK adults have bought from an online marketplace over the last 12 months, and just 14% said they had been put off buying something from an online retailer because an item was provided by a third party seller, according to Mirakl research earlier in 2014.

The rise in use of Bitcoin, combined with online marketplaces becoming an accepted and mainstream destination for shoppers, meant that adding Bitcoin as a payment option was a natural step for Mirakl.

“We want our customers, irrespective of their model or strategy, to anticipate market trends and not have to react to them,” said Nussenbaum. “Consumers are completely comfortable buying from online marketplaces and will one day want to do so using Bitcoin – our customers will be ready for that.”