Online optician, Mister Spex, relies on secure payment with Computop


Computop, the global payment processor, today announced that Europe’s leading online optician, Mister Spex, has selected the company’s highly secure POS terminals for the processing of all card payments  across its national network of German stores. The CCV Pad card terminal from Computop is one of a new generation of POS solutions that have been developed to reduce costs and expenditure on PCI security audits while protecting purchasers’ card data. Thanks to PCI Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE), card data is coded in the device and sent to the payment platform without intermediate storage.

Through its integration to Computop Paygate, Mister Spex is also prepared for modern smartphone payment in its branches: Apple Pay and Google Pay can be accepted at the POS. In the merchant backend, Mister Spex can process and evaluate payments and credit notes quickly and conveniently. Integration with Computop’s payment platform also leaves all options open for merging online and stationary transactions as the security offered by Computop’s P2PE POS solutions facilitates integration into an omnichannel environment.

Computop customers can process all payments — via POS, online or mobile through the Computop Paygate. This has a number of benefits: omnichannel reports and statistics allow for analysis of sales across all channels, all branches and all online shops. The accounting team can refer back to settlement files (CTSF) which Computop has standardised for all payment types worldwide so that upon receipt of a previously unpaid statement, the status can be automatically changed to ‘paid’ (reconciliation).

“As an online retailer, it was surprising for us that refunds for POS payments cannot be automatically referenced by all payment service providers in the same way as our webshop payments,” says Holger Krause, product manager multi-channel at Mister Spex. “Computop Paygate offers us a uniform solution for all transactions. In addition, we have come to know and appreciate Computop as a reliable partner”.

In addition to over 500 partner opticians in several European countries, Mister Spex also has its own branches in numerous German cities. As part of its omnichannel strategy, Mister Spex has already opened 10 stores and plans to expand further this year.

Computop managing director Stephan Kück commented: “We are delighted to be able to support Mister Spex in expanding its branch network. With the integration of our payment platform, our customer is well prepared for further expansion.”