Online pharmacy, The Healthcounter, launches virtual pharmacy with mobile app

New Virtual Pharmacy to launch in UK

New Virtual Pharmacy to launch in UK

Online pharmacy, The Healthcounter, has launched a ‘virtual pharmacy’ with a mobile app which it claims will merge the gap between high street and e-commerce and has teamed up with independent pharmacy chain, Day Lewis Pharmacy, to offer a click and collect service.

The Healthcounter has designed thousands of boards showcasing its products, which will be located across a range of public locations such as train stations. Shoppers can swipe the items with their mobile phones, via a QR code reader, which will direct them to The Healthcounter mobile app.

After scanning, the item is placed in the user’s basket awaiting payment. Once payment has been made the items are delivered to their home or can be picked up at a local Day Lewis Pharmacy at no extra charge.

The Healthcounter said its Virtual Pharmacy is designed to offer consumers a crowd- and queue-free shopping experience and claims the locations in which these virtual shelves can appear is endless. 

The Healthcounter will be launching its Virtual Pharmacy in 100 Playhouses across the UK on 29 July 2013, targeting busy mums who only have time to think about shopping when they have five minutes downtime while taking the children to the local play area.

The Healthcounter brings products mums wouldn’t want to carry home from the supermarket, large bulky items like nappies or baby food, the company said. The boards around Playhouses will consist of offers and products that aren’t available on the high street, it added.

“We are extremely excited to launch Virtual Pharmacy, it’s a very new technology and we’re thrilled to be one of the first online retailers to launch the app.

“Virtual Pharmacy will offer our customers a unique convenient way of practical shopping. Virtual pharmacy could be the future online and mobile shopping and we’re delighted to be making history,” said Simon Tucker, CEO of The Healthcounter.