Online retailer, Sleepy Leaf, launches range of ‘healthy’ loose leaf tea

A new premium online tea shop, Sleepy Leaf, has debuted its first range of herbal loose leaf teas. 

Launched at the start of the month, sells high quality whole leaf varieties of black, green, oolong and other herbal infusions. The site claims to offer something for all tea lovers, including a caffeine-free range and teas to aid a body detox.

Including popular infusions such as Peppermint, Chamomile and Lemongrass, Sleepy Leaf also offers other healthy options such as Jasmine Blossom Green Tea and Blood Orange Tea. With natural, loose leaf teas increasingly in vogue as the health benefits of drinking herbal teas are widely publicised, Sleepy Leaf makes the daily brew both tasty and chic.

Leigh Jackson of Sleepy Leaf said: “Our wide range of high quality, fairly sourced loose leaf teas not only have an intense flavour, they also offer a plethora of health benefits. More people are becoming aware of the multiple health benefits of drinking herbal teas, particularly green tea. Refreshing and tasty, herbal teas contains powerful antioxidants while the detox qualities of herbal teas include boosting metabolism and burning fat and even reducing the risk of cancer and diabetes. ”

In a number of studies, green tea has been proven to have powerful effects on the brain and the body, thanks to its unique concoction of nutrients and antioxidants. The bioactive compounds within natural herbal teas can improve brain function and kill bacteria, lowering the risk of various infections and viruses.  In fact, in adults who drink 5 or more cups of green tea per day, it has been proven that they are less likely to die from stroke, heart disease and cancer.  

Tea enthusiasts across the UK will welcome the high quality products from the Sleepy Leaf website, the company claims. From the strong, invigorating flavour of black tea to the fragrant aromas of herbal infusions, tea buffs are sure to find their favourite in the online collection. Additionally, the website caters to the tea novice who is looking to try something new. Using helpful categories for beginners, Sleepy Leaf guides visitors to the right product with links such as ‘teas for milk’ and ‘detox teas.’

The premium tea leaf shop also provides useful information for tea recipes and cocktails, such as the Green Tea Mojito and the Earl Grey Long Rum Punch. This creative selection of refreshing tea cocktails is the perfect alternative to afternoon tea, and much healthier than drinking regular tea and coffee. Impress guests with these innovative tea infused recipes for cold refreshments; some of which even include alcohol for a tea inspired cocktail.    

The website also displays a host of advice and information including everything you ever need to know about loose leaf tea. Brew the perfect pot with Sleepy Leaf’s Infusion Guide, learn about the history of tea and tea traditions, or why loose leaf tea is superior to teabags.

Jackson said: “We strive to offer the best tasting tea with our premium range of healthy loose leaf teas. Not only do they taste wonderful, they will improve your wellbeing and are delivered directly to your door.”

For more information about the online tea leaf shop or to browse the selection, visit