Online sales on Cyber Monday soared 22% higher than last year, Worldpay reports

Online sales on Cyber Monday soared 22% higher than last year, according to new figures from Worldpay. Global online sales peaked at 16.01 GMT and the company said it processed 133 payments per second.

Shane Happach, MD, Global eCom at Worldpay, said: “Despite the deluge of discounts on offer over the holiday weekend, shoppers still came out in droves for Cyber Monday, with our data showing that online sales on the day soared 22% higher than last year. Yesterday we saw global online sales peak at 16.01 GMT, as Worldpay processed 133 payments per second.

“While Cyber Monday has traditionally been the biggest day of the year for online shopping for Western consumers, it faced a stiff challenge from Black Friday this time around. Although Cyber Monday sales surpassed expectations this year, sales growth on Black Friday was stronger. This suggests that consumers are feeling a little “shopped out” after last week’s digital spending spree, and a record-breaking China Singles Day earlier this month.

“In the face of doubts around the relevance of Black Friday, the data says it all: consumer appetite for bargain shopping days remains strong, as more and more of us avoid the notorious Black Friday crush and opt to shop from the comfort of our own sofas. With more people opting to buy online, e-commerce sales will only be more popular come this time next year.”