Online specialist expands services to fill ecommerce skills shortage

Leading ecommerce practitioner Practicology claims it is tackling one of the most difficult hurdles for multi-channel retailers – putting in the most effective structure and finding the right people to maximise sales online.

Practicology is extending its services to offer a full ecommerce audit to all clients, which will include assessment of digital skills within the business and, where necessary, find the right candidate to make up for any skills shortfall.

According to the company, It will find not only a candidate with relevant experience but also the technical knowledge and ability to work within any given team or role. It will also help multi-channel retailers make the move from being multiple channel businesses to cross channel, delivering a seamless customer experience through all touch points. It will also provide advice on the optimum operational and trading structure to drive sales through all channels.

Practicology founder and chief executive Martin Newman said the new service will enrich the growing range of services Practicology is able to offer its clients across ecommerce, retail, direct mail, call centres, web kiosks, and mobile.
“A candidate can look excellent on paper and appear to have some of the right skills. But in our experience they can often be missing key knowledge in the most important areas that can set back a business in its online growth,” said Newman.