OPIHR Aromatic Bitters Gin comes out on top at this year’s IWSC

OPIHR Aromatic Bitters Gin has been crowned the best London Dry Gin at the highly prestigious International Wine and Spirits Competition (IWSC). The myrrh and cascarilla bark flavoured gin topped the London Dry Gin charts, bringing home a Gold (Outstanding) medal, as well as making history as the first spiced gin to be crowned Trophy winner of the category. What’s more, judges at IWSC hailed the gin as a ‘well-integrated and well-made interesting gin’.

On top of this, the Spiced Gin also scooped Double Gold at the International Spirits Challenge following 23 days of intense blind taste tests by more than 75 industry professionals, completing the spirit’s hat-trick of accolades.

OPIHR Aromatic Bitters Gin is the European Edition in the brand’s Regional Editions range, which takes inspiration from various global flavour trends located along the Ancient Spice Route, including Venice’s rich spice trade history and the Italian love affair for highly aromatic tastes. OPIHR Aromatic Bitters is the perfect culmination of this, which results in a bold savoury-led spiced London Dry gin, with burnt orange and bitter notes, accompanied by rounded citrus and topped off with an earthy finish.

Best served with light and bubbly Mediterranean tonic and a wedge of fresh orange, the gin is a perfect serve for summer, sending you on a tantalising taste journey down the Ancient Spice route. It also mixes perfectly with sweet vermouth and Campari to create a spiced twist on a classic Negroni cocktail.

OPIHR Aromatic Bitters Gin is available to purchase now at online retailers with a RRP of £25.90.