Oppo Brothers launches ice cream delivery service direct to your doorstep


Indulgent low calorie ice cream brand, Oppo Brothers, has announced it is launching Oppo Delivered – a direct to consumer service – meaning isolated ice cream fans can now get their favourite flavours delivered to their doorstep.

Whatsmore, Oppo is helping to share the love, encouraging community and togetherness, by giving a FREE tub of ice cream to the customer’s neighbour with every order made.

Ice cream gives everyone a little lift, and with the sun now shining brightly and temperatures rising  Oppo Delivered ensures those who are struggling to get hold of ice cream need worry no more.

Oppo delivers the most indulgent ice cream flavours at up to 60% less calories and sugar than regular ice cream, with no compromise on taste. Oppo’s full range of ice cream will be available on the Oppo Delivered site, including new flavours Caramel Chocolate Crunch and Simply the Zest, as well as Double Salted Caramel, Vanilla Pecan Praline and Madagascan Vanilla White Chocolate Sticks. 

Oppo Brothers founders Charlie and Harry Thuillier said: “Like everyone else we’ve been really impacted by Coronavirus. Many of the Oppo team have friends and family that have suddenly found themselves out of work or furloughed as a result of the virus. We also know how difficult it has been for our Oppo customers to get grocery delivery slots.  At Oppo, we want to use our ice cream as a force for good.”

On top of this, with us all being confined to our homes there are now fewer opportunities to feel good. Ice cream is one of life’s precious luxuries right now, so getting hold of it is more important now than ever before. With Oppo Delivered we decided we’d make it easier for our customers to get hold of Oppo to brighten their days and help others’ lives, whilst also supporting the NHS – sharing those good temptations along the way.”

Oppo Delivered will also create new jobs in the warehouse, office and for delivery people. 

The service is available nationally and will deliver to households on Thursdays, once ordered by midday Tuesday. Any profits made will be donated to NHS Charities Together. All products RRP £5.95, available at: www.oppobrothers.com/store