Organic baby food brand, Plum, introduces three savoury blends to range

New blends aimed at weaning phase

New blends aimed at weaning phase

Organic baby food brand, Plum, is introducing three new stage one savoury-led blends to its range, claimed to be packed full of vegetables and crafted to offer the best flavour combination for weaning.

The launch comes hot on the heels of a recent survey by Plum which showed 76% of mums worry about the impact early feeding has on their baby’s sweet tooth. The new recipes (Pear, Blueberry & Purple Carrot; Broccoli & Apple; and Sweet Potato, Corn & Apple) are being rolled out in stores nationwide between February and July, priced at £0.99 each (100g pouch).

These organic combinations not only help parents get vegetables into their little one from the outset, providing a balance to sweet tasting fruits, but also offer a savoury snack for older children, said Plum.

The company said it is passionate about super nutrition, providing babies with a wide range of delicious, flavourful  organic meals made with the highest quality ingredients which set them on the path to a healthy future from the very first mouthful.

Scott Wotherspoon, chief executive at Plum UK, said: “Plum’s ethos is to provide little ones with super-nutritious dishes to ensure they have the very best start in life unlocking their potential to be truly amazing in whatever they do.  The addition of these three savoury recipes means Plum parents now have a complete range of 14 stage one Plum pouch recipes – six savoury, two breakfast and six fruit – to provide their little ones with a fantastic variety of amazing tastes that are packed with first class nutritious ingredients.”

Plum’s new blends contain interesting savoury ingredients such as purple carrot (the first time purple carrot has been used in a Plum recipe) and quinoa, blended to create a smooth texture, making them ideal for the early days and weeks of weaning. 

As with all Plum products, the new recipes are claimed to be innovative and adventurous with the aim of encouraging a broader palate. The pouches also come with a re-sealable baby-safe cap, offering parents a ‘no mess’ solution.