Organic Food Iberia & Organic Food Iberia opens registration for 2022

Visitor registration is now open for Organic Food Iberia & Eco Living Iberia 2022, which is set to be its biggest show to date. Due to the trade show’s success (since its launch in 2019) joint event organisers Diversified Communications and IFEMA MADRID have announced that the 2022 edition will take place in an even bigger Hall (3000sq m bigger) when it returns to IFEMA exhibition centre in Madrid, Spain, on 8-9 June.

Alex Suau, Organic Food Iberia & Eco Living Iberia’s sales manager said that switching halls would allow the 2022 event to become even bigger and better. He comments: “The move to a bigger hall generated a lot of interest and enthusiasm from across the organic sector. It’s a testament to the show’s continuing success and demonstrates just how important Organic Food Iberia & Eco Living Iberia has become to suppliers and buyers looking to do business here.”

With preparations now well underway, more than 75% of its exhibition space is already booked – including pavilions from Spain, Portugal, Austria, Italy, Germany, Belgium, USA, and Korea.

Industry support

Important associations and media partners like Ecovalia, BIOECO Actual, ALIMARKET, Agronegocios Portugal Agropress Portugal, and others are supporting the 2022 event.  As well as this, Organic Food Iberia & Eco Life Iberia has benefited from strong government support since the beginning, including the backing of the Ministry of Agriculture from Spain and Portugal, who opened the launch show in 2019.

During the show’s press conference held this Wednesday at IFEMA MADRID, the Deputy Director General of Food Quality and Sustainability of the Ministry of Agriculture, Ana Díaz, confirmed the Ministry’s commitment to encourage the demand for organic products in Spain.  She said: “We will continue to work on campaigns to encourage organic consumption, and professional fairs like Organic Food Iberia are fundamental in driving this narrative.”

Returning regions

Spain is known as world-leaders in organic, and so visitors can discover the best choice of Spanish products regional pavilions, including Madrid, Andalucía, Valencia, La Rioja, Navarra, Castilla La Mancha, and Murcia.  Local producers and distributors to see include: Santiveri, Be Plus, Anecoop, Biocop, Aneto, Biográn, Cantero de Letur, Natimel, Aperitivos Medina – Avogel, and many more.

International brands like Nutland, Aromatech, Voelkel, Tradin Organic, Frenchtop, Berief Food, Topas Vegan, Wertform, Pasta Natura, and Welcher Destillery are also confirmed.

Show attractions

The event will feature three dedicated seminar theatres (the Organic Theatre, The Wine Theatre and the Eco Living & Beauty Theatre), Organic Wine Iberia, and the Innovation Zone – featuring the next wave of bestselling products, and the Eco & Organic Awards Iberia.

Further information about seminars will be released during the spring, as well as more details about features, innovations and partnerships. To keep up-to-date about the show, please visit  – or  subscribe to the mailing list here