Organix launches Little Ruskits – the lower sugar Grabbable, Munchable, Mashable first baby food

Organix has just launched a brand new weaning food to the baby aisle, suitable for babies aged 6 months+, which are sure to win over the little tummies of babies and toddlers everywhere!

Little Ruskits are a grabbable, munchable, mashable vanilla-flavoured finger food that make an ideal first food for weaning babies. Wonderfully versatile – they can be mixed with a baby’s usual milk and served with a spoon at 6 months+, or served whole as a finger food from 8 months+ – The new ruskits are a great way to gradually introduce your baby to solid foods, first served in their mashable form, then later whole, as a finger food, to encourage self feeding as your little one develops. 

What’s more, whilst they are big on taste, they are low on sugar. In fact, Little Ruskits have been created with 33% less sugar on average than other branded baby rusks and biscuits. This is following consumer research that highlighted sugar content in baby biscuits was the number one concern for parents.

Perfectly portioned to fill little tummies, the Ruskits are specifically shaped to make them easy to hold to encourage self feeding, making them perfect for the first stages of weaning. 

Each biscuit is portion packed for convenience and freshness, and comes with one of five animal designs on them, making them fun,  as well as great tasting.

As with all Organix foods, Little Ruskits come with the No Junk Promise – using the best organic ingredients and nothing unnecessary added, with no artificial colours or flavourings. 

  • Made with a blend of wheat flour, milk and grape juice and flavoured with vanilla extract
  • Contains 33% less sugar on average than other branded baby rusks and biscuits
  • Organic and vegetarian friendly 
  • They come with the No Junk Promise: I’m Organic. No artificial colours or flavours
  • Suitable from 6+ months mixed with milk, 8+months served whole as a finger food
  • Stockists: Now available at Organix Online Shop, Tesco and Sainsbury’s
  • RRP: £1.75 for a 10 pack