OSO Natural Fuel wins listing in 200 Shell forecourts for fruit muesli pots

Shell listing

Shell listing

OSO Natural Fuel has secured a listing for its raspberry, strawberry and mango and passion fruit Bircher style fruit muesli pots initially in 200 Shell forecourt stores nationwide. 

“OSO Natural Fuel pots are the perfect fit for Shell, as they enable their customers to fuel their bodies with high quality, slow release, natural energy as they fuel their cars”, said OSO founder Paul Hayes. 

“We know consumers are increasingly health conscious and eager to find alternative sources of energy from the usual sugar or caffeine filled options; so we’re confident this new listing will be very successful for us.” 

Made with only natural ingredients, OSO Natural Fuel pots are a convenient breakfast, lunch or snack that are guaranteed to get people going and keep them going for up to four hours, whether that’s a long drive, an all-day business conference or a day’s surfing off the Cornwall coast, the company said.

Key benefits include:

  1. Wholegrain jumbo oats – filling and low GI, they release their energy slowly to prepare people for anything that requires a lot of energy. 
  2. Low-fat probiotic yogurt – in addition to the protein provided by the oats (100g of oats contain 12g of protein), it also provides high quality, natural protein for muscle health and recovery. 
  3. Fresh fruit – available in a choice of raspberry, strawberry or mango and passion fruit; the naturally occurring fruit sugars deliver a rapid energy surge, making an OSO pot a good alternative to traditional sugary energy drinks if feeling sleepy while driving. 
  4. Apple juice – an additional source of fruit, the juice is used to soak the oats in overnight to create Swiss Bircher style muesli.

“I came up with the idea for OSO when travelling in Australia” said Hayes.

“The Aussies’ active and sporty lifestyle and unique energy inspired me to create a product for active people like me who want to make healthy choices to fuel their busy lives, but find this difficult because they are always in a rush.  

“Securing listings for our Natural Fuel pots that make it easier for consumers to make healthy choices on-the-go is crucial to the growth of our brand and we plan to continue to develop in this sector throughout 2013 and beyond.”