Over a quarter of Brits drink more alcohol when sun shines, new survey finds


Over a quarter of Brits (27%) drink more alcohol when the weather gets warmer, according to new findings from Opinium Research. 

The study found 13.5m UK adults will lap up the sunshine with a bottle of beer or glass of wine in hand;  and are set to drink around 333m more prints of beer and over 67m more litres of wine during the summer.

Just over half (56%) of the population admit they drink once a week or more however, when the sunshine comes out, drinking habits change with nearly three in 10 Brits saying they drink more during the warmer months.

The top five reasons why people claim to drink more in the warmer months are:

  1. The evenings are lighter (54%)
  2. Wanting to make the most of the weather (46%)
  3. There are more events in the summer, such as weddings and festivals (47%)
  4. To enjoy drinking in the warmer weather (46%)
  5. Getting together with friends or family are more likely to be suggested in the warmer weather (43%)

Opinium’s Desk Research Team has calculated warmer weather will see Brits spending an additional £512m on beer and an extra £849m on wine.

Opinium Research discovered only 6% of Brits drink alcohol to get drunk and there is a wide range of reasons why alcohol is enjoyed in the UK. A quarter (26%) drink to complement food, a fifth (21%) drink to relieve tension and just over a third (36%) simply like the taste.

Kate Norfolk, head of healthcare research at Opinium, said: “As summer approaches us, people want to enjoy the days getting longer and for some, that means having a nice glass of wine or pint of beer. While Britain’s alcohol drinking habits have improved over time, people still need to be aware of how much they are consuming.

“With more weddings, festivals and opportunities to socialise during summer, it can be easy to drink more, too. As long as Brits know their limits and do not drink excessively above the recommended number of units per week, which is no more than 21 units for men or 14 units for women per week, there is no reason why they cannot enjoy drinking in the sunshine.”