PACK’D Superfood Smoothie Kits and organic Frozen Fruit adds Frozen Avocado to range

PACK’D , the range of hugely popular Superfood Smoothie Kits and organic Frozen Fruit, adds a brilliant new product to the range – Frozen Avocado, all the taste just none of the waste.

Available in Morrisons now, in a recyclable cardboard box, the new avocado is a complete first for the category – with no added salt, and with taste and texture standing up to its fresh counterpart, this is set to be a game changer. Perfect for nutritious smoothies, spicy guacamole, or the ever irresistible smashed ‘avo’ on toast, being frozen, the product has been picked ripe and frozen to lock in the taste. This product means you only defrost what you need, no brown mushy disappointment from sitting in the fridge too long, but instead creamy, smooth, delicious avocado every time.

Speaking about the launch, Founder, Alex Stewart said: “Every product launch is exciting of course, but this launch feels particularly momentous for us as a business. For this is not just a new SKU, but one that is entirely shaking up the category, both in terms of fresh and frozen. Finally, consumers will be able to buy avocado from the freezer that is guaranteed to be as it should be, every time and you can defrost and use only what you need.

PACK’D announce this launch on the back of some strong financials, having turned over in excess of £3.8 million at the end of 2021, as well as enjoying 50% growth year on year for the last three years. These figures reaffirm PACK’D as a key player in the frozen category.

The Smoothie Kits are a super convenient way to start the day, or for healthy snacking. Each kit comes with a perfectly portioned mix of prepared fruit and veg and unlike other ready-to- blend smoothie kits, every PACK’D Smoothie comes with its own unique Superfood sachet, carefully designed by nutritionists to supercharge every recipe and deliver its own unique benefit. The Organic Frozen Fruit range is the ultimate convenience providing the same nutrition as fresh fruit, without any of the waste. A staggering 50% of fresh fruit and veg ends up being thrown away, making farm to freezer the only zero waste option.