Panasonic Energy launches its “longest lasting” alkaline battery with added silver


Panasonic Energy has continued its tradition of innovation with the launch of a new premium battery. The new battery, EVOLTA NEO, is Panasonic’s longest ever lasting alkaline battery, due to revolutionary new design features including the addition of silver to the manufacturing process.

EVOLTA NEO will deliver excellent performance in a wide range of appliances from low drain applications such as remote controls to high drain applications like digital cameras. Lasting longer both during and in between usage, Panasonic’s new battery continues to set standards for battery performance and represents the ongoing development that is at the heart of the Panasonic brand. In addition to setting standards for endurance, the battery is more durable and less likely to leak.

Higher performance

Panasonic’s EVOLTA NEO increased performance is the result of revolutionary new design features, materials and production methods. A new 25% thinner separator and V-shaped groove structure maximises the battery’s interior volume and allows additional space for more active material. In addition to the structural changes, the use of densely packed manganese dioxide combined with added silver compounds makes the materials more reactive in order to improve the efficiency and performance of the battery. 

Available on Amazon Germany. EVOLTA NEO will be available in luxury premium packaging in both AA and AAA sizes (4-, 8-, or 12-pack) and will be supported by a marketing campaign entitled ‘Unlock the power of silver’ to showcase the range’s versatility and durability.