Pantys launches first collection of period underwear for transgender community

Pantys launches its first transgender and non-binary collection of underwear to ensure period inclusivity for everyone who menstruates. The launch aims to answer a call from the community, which demanded a product with the technology and sustainability of the brand, aimed at trans men and everyone who does not feel represented by women’s products. The Boxer was created to help open the conversation around periods to all people who bleed and the Pantys collection helps everyone from the community to feel included and valued. 

The Boxer has been in development for more than a year with members of the trans community involved throughout the manufacturing process.  The trio, who star in the campaign, shared their unique menstruation experiences and how the underwear should be adapted for their needs.  They worked closely with the product team to make decisions on material, design, colour and the most important phase: testing.

Jonas Maria, writer and podcaster reports that he never had problems with the physical part of menstruation, “because I did not see it as something dirty or disgusting. But when I bled for the first time, my mother said that I had become a young woman and needed to behave as such.  Menstruation limited my freedom, where I could not be or make my own choices in society.  The pantys collection is very important and not only for trans men, but for all people who do not feel comfortable with the feminine products”. 

Maria Eduarda Camargo, COO, CFO and Co-Founder of pantys echoes this sentiment: “We want everyone to feel welcome during menstruation. Today, the menstrual products available on the market are made for women and reinforce the communication designed for a female audience, but this is a serious issue for men who menstruate. So, in addition to offering a new product, the Boxer will bring visibility, comfort and functionality to the menstrual cycles of trans men.” 

The Boxer is made up of the same fabrics as the rest of the collections, with three layers treated individually to be antibacterial and antifungal: natural fibres which are dry to the touch and offer maximum comfort, a fully absorbent layer which eliminates 99% of bacteria and a waterproof fabric to protect against all leaks.

Pantys was originally created with the mission to improve the quality of life for women through sustainability and innovation, whilst creating a positive impact on the planet.  However, four years later Emily Ewell, CEO & Co-Founder, comments: “Menstruation has no gender.  It is extremely important to bring health and inclusion to all people who menstruate. Our main goal as a brand is to give access to sustainable products for more and more people. As the brand progressed, we realised how invisible trans men are in society and understood how we could empower them to be part of the conversation around  menstruation.”