Pantys launches “world’s most absorbent reusable underwear” with new incontinence line


Pantys has launched what it claims is the world’s most absorbent reusable underwear, Pantys Dry, designed to empower people who experience incontinence to feel confident and break down taboos on the topic.

9.6 million women in the UK suffer urinary incontinence according to a study by BJMP yet there is relatively little conversation on the topic. Pantys Dry is the latest absorbent underwear from the brand with a new lining technology that absorbs up to 100ml of urine, allowing for extra peace of mind for those affected by urinary leakage. No other brand has incorporated technology of up to 100ml before, meaning it is a world first. 

Many people feel ashamed of incontinence, as shown in the same above study by BJMP, which states that 42% of women affected by incontinence wait up to 15 years before seeking treatment. Pantys’ new launch aims to tackle this and increase awareness. Their campaign for the launch includes women of all ages who experience incontinence, to spread vital awareness in order to break down the taboos and barriers that exist. 

The new high-waisted pant in black is priced at £39 and has been designed to cater for those with a heavy flow. It has been developed with a new innovative technology that is soft to the touch, comfortable and breathable like cotton, but much more sustainable because it uses less water in its production. Each product has its own carbon label and offsets 100% of its carbon emissions. It is the first and only absorbent underwear brand in the world to be both clinically and gynaecologically tested.

Emily Ewell, co-founder and CEO, adds: “After speaking to our customers, we noticed that they were buying Pantys for incontinence, so we started studying the market (we conducted some small interviews in partnership with a school in Miami). We discovered that urinary incontinence is a big taboo in our society that affects 1 in 3 women in Brazil – yet no one talks about it. Also, the current solution for incontinence is to wear diapers, which evidently people do not identify with. Finally, the communication is skewed towards older people, which can mean younger people do not feel represented in the conversation – for all of these reasons we decided to launch a product which can help an enormous amount of people and break down taboos around the topic.”

Dr Juliana Sperandio, specialist gynaecologist, says: “Urinary incontinence can be caused for many different reasons and affects 20% of women with this number potentially increasing to 70% of older women. It is a condition that still represents a big taboo in our societies and can decrease people’s quality of life. It is important to remember that there is treatment for urinary incontinence. An absorbent underwear for incontinence represents an important tool to break taboos around the condition in addition to providing security, comfort and better quality of life until the treatment is started.”

The Pantys incontinence collection is available in size XS – XL from