Paper products firm, SCA, sets new targets on sustainability


SCA: new environmental goals

SCA: new environmental goals

Paper products firm, SCA, is launching new sustainability targets in its mission to remain one of the world’s most sustainable companies – environmentally, socially and financially.

“Sustainability activities are business-critical for SCA and give us an edge over competitors,” said Jan Johansson, SCA’s president and CEO. “Our ambitious work makes us more attractive for customers, consumers and investors, while it also contributes to lower costs,”.

SCA recently conducted a survey, which showed sustainability initiatives play an important role in relationships with customers. As many as 41% of respondents said they had participated in contract negotiations in which sustainability was the deciding factor for the outcome.

Measurability and access to relevant key performance indicators are crucial factors in ensuring successful sustainability programmes, said SCA. According to the company, new targets include:

• Triple production of biofuels from SCA’s forests by 2020

• Increase wind power production on SCA forest land to 5 TWh by 2020

• Set aside at least 5% of SCA’s productive forestland from forestry in the ecological landscape plans and a further 5% for nature conservation purposes

• Decrease the accident frequency rate by 25% between 2011 and 2016

• Make SCA’s hygiene knowledge base available to customers and consumers and ensure access to affordable, sustainable hygiene solutions

• Deliver better, safe and environmentally sound solutions to customers through sustainable innovation

“The middle class is expected to grow by three billion consumers in the next 20 years, primarily in emerging markets. This represents a major opportunity for us to improve hygiene and health standards for millions of people at the same time as ensuring our commercial success,” said Kersti Strandqvist, SVP of corporate sustainability.

“Innovation and sustainability are strongly intertwined, and sustainable innovations are essential if we are to surpass customer and consumer expectations. In order for us to further emphasise the importance of this area, we are proud to announce we have decided to join the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, where global corporations go from words to action on sustainability matters,” she added.

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