Patchwork Pâté receives parliamentary seal of approval for sustainability plan

Margret Carter, David Jones MP and  Jenny Whitham

L to r: Margaret Carter, David Jones MP and Jenny Whitham

Patchwork Pâté, the British producer of handmade foods from the Welsh countryside, received a visit from Clwyd West MP, David Jones, to view the recently installed 90kW biomass pellet boiler heating system, which is a part of a flourishing sustainability plan.

With the new system now in place, Patchwork Pâté will reduce its carbon output by 25 tonnes per year.

Speaking about his visit to Patchwork Pâté, David Jones MP said: “I was very pleased to visit Patchwork Pâté, which is a successful local business doing well at national level. Patchwork Pâté products are renowned for their high quality and innovative recipes. I was particularly pleased to visit the development kitchen, to see how new products are devised and developed. I am very proud as a local MP to have such superb company as Patchwork Pâté in my constituency.”

The biomass boiler generates heat by burning wood pellets in a high efficiency incinerator resulting in very little ash. Water is then fed through the biomass heating system to keep Patchwork’s premises and its 30 strong team, warm and toasty. To add to the sustainability the pellets are manufactured and supplied by local business, Clifford Jones Timber, which is fewer than two miles from Patchwork Pâté’s premises, keeping fuel transit miles low and carbon dioxide (CO­2) emissions to the minimum.

Burning wood pellets produces lower carbon emissions than burning many other materials, including fossil fuels. As trees grow, they absorb CO­from the atmosphere. Although rereleased during burning, the CO­emissions are negligible compared to those produced when burning fossil fuels – and they can be reabsorbed by other plants.

This promotes responsible replenishment of biomass fuels and a sustainable future. Fossil fuels, by contrast, are produced over enormous periods are time, so are running out.

Speaking about the visit of David Jones MP, Jenny Whitham, managing director at Patchwork Pâté, said: “It was fantastic to show David around the Patchwork Pâté site, he was very impressed with how the company is running and representing Ruthin. We are so pleased with our new heating system. It has changed our comfort levels within many areas of the business and is providing plentiful amounts of hot water for our clean down process with the production area. On top of that, not only are we saving money but we’re also reducing our carbon footprint.”

The new heating system reinforces Patchwork Pâté’s already impressive ethical and environmental credentials. As well as sourcing high quality ingredients responsibly, sustainably and locally, Patchwork Pâté makes products that are free from artificial additives, stabilisers, preservatives or hydrogenated fats.

Patchwork Pâté products include hummus, chocolate terrines, chutneys and soups. The company also sells spelt oat fingers, spelt blinis and its range of Ice Cream for Grownups – handmade with cream, milk, raw cane sugar and egg yolks.