Paul Nulty Lighting Design illuminates new Chilango restaurant in Camden

Lighting project

Lighting project for burrito brand

Paul Nulty Lighting Design (PNLD) has completed the interior lighting for Chilango’s new Camden restaurant. In response to the brief, PNLD said it has helped drive the burrito brand’s iconic interior design evolution, moving the theme from back street Mexico to a shabby-chic, motel-style aesthetic.

Vivid colour, a sense of fun and a sprinkling of Latin spirit is at the heart of the lighting design for Chilango restaurants. Working in collaboration with the interior design team, PNLD has created permeable lighting that draws the eye through and around the restaurant highlighting the colourful interior design. The lighting scheme is bold, striking and exciting in support of Chilango’s brand aesthetic, sealing its great appeal as the ‘best burrito and Mexican in London’ to its loyal customers.

The architectural lighting solution is low-energy, simple and cost effective, reports PNLD. Atmospheric lighting in the form of ceiling fan lights gives the impression that the restaurant is enjoying the hot Latin American climate. Making the most of the restaurant’s compact space, PNLD has delivered integrated lighting to the skylight void to visually increase the ceiling height, while light features on the wall aid permeability, drawing the eye to the back of the restaurant.

As this is one of the late night Chilango restaurants serving alcohol, a lighting control system has been employed to provide flexible and dynamic illumination levels that change from day to night, encouraging visitors in at night. Low level illumination has also been provided in the form of table lamps and shelf lighting to ensure there is an intimate and cosy atmosphere in the evenings when the ambient lighting is dimmed down.

Karen Smart, lighting designer at PNLD, said: “The lighting design for Chilango’s is right on brand; it helps set the scene and demonstrates how the use of colour in illumination can bring interior design to life to enhance the customer experience.

“Light fittings considered dated and unfashionable by modern standards are used to help re-enforce the brand concept and give customers a taste of a fun, and a vibrant Mexico City experience, yet despite the dated appearance, the latest lighting technology has been used throughout, with most of the luminaires using LED lamp sources.”