Payhawk expands offering by integrating Apple Pay


Payhawk has announced it will be offering up Apple Pay as a solution to customers to ensure safer payments.

The UK fintech company – which is responsible for helping clients handle payments and invoices – wants to make sure customers feel comfortable while making transactions online.

Unlike other transactions which involves handling cash or inserting a card into a machine, iPhones and Apple devices will protect sensitive financial details.

In recent times, Apple Pay has made safety and privacy a priority for all customers, especially with cyber attacks on the rise.

Apple Pay has broadened its horizons over the past few years, and aside from traditional online casinos, there are up and coming operators, such as and Pink Casino, where you can use Apple Pay to play at new slot sites. Here, players can tap into exciting promotions as well as get access to free spins.

In many respects, Apple Pay is a part of our everyday lives as we use to pay for everything from groceries to filling up at the petrol pump to clothes shopping. It has become extremely convenient, and it has therefore made it a popular choice for consumers.

Apple Pay is designed to make life easier, and by integrating it into the system, Payhawk hopes that its platform will be a one-shop store for clients to use to make business transactions.

This follows intriguing developments over the summer, as Splitt made changes to their payment methods to bring things in-store for retail locations worldwide. As such, shoppers can use Apple Pay if they have an account.

And after a client has added a payment card to their iPhone or Apple device, they will be able to use Apple Pay on that device.

A unique Device Account Number will then be allocated, which is fully encrypted and then safely stored in the Secure Element, which is a certified chip for making sure payment details are safely stored on an iPhone.

Apple Pay has become very easy to install, and to set up Payhawk’s credit or debit cards. All you need to do is make sure you have the wallet app on your dock, then tap + and then follow the instructions to access as well as add Payhawk’s credit and debit cards.

Payhawk’s cards may offer clients further benefits, but these are exciting times for the company, and Apple Pay will drive the next stage of their development.