Paymentsense launches free tools to help restaurants take orders online during COVID-19 crisis


UK officials have now announced the closure of pubs, cafes and restaurants, which will force many to now operate as takeaway only. Yet not every business is able to adapt to this so rapidly.

So Paymentsense decided to help.

Staging a 72-hour ‘working from home hackathon’, the mission was simple: enable existing customers to generate extra income in spite of non-existing footfall.

So, a suite of ready-made tools was created, enabling traditionally ‘eat-in’ venues the ability to transform into takeaways in a few simple steps.

How BiteBack works:

Existing customers can visit the Paymentsense website where they will receive step-by-step guidance on how they can: 

  • Create a branded online order page
  • Order custom flyers
  • Download guides to promote their takeaway online
  • Order food packaging

The Paymentsense team have worked around the clock to enable customers to make this transformation as seamlessly and easily as possible.

They’ve also taken care of packaging logistics by partnering with a sustainable firm. Customers will benefit from 15% off their order total and free delivery.   

Additional marketing resources such as a social media tool kit, bespoke printed flyers and even gift vouchers have been designed to maximise impact and help owners get their new service up and running. 

As the campaign is non-profit, the fintech company will not charge for this service, only passing on third party fees at cost.

The BiteBack campaign is a good-will gesture as a way of showing support to the hardworking small businesses in the hospitality industry.

Guy Moreve, chief marketing officer, comments: “We simply cannot afford to let the UK’s small business owners suffer a decline of such magnitude. The hospitality industry is such an important part of the UK economy and our daily social lives, that we must do everything we can to protect it during such an unsettling time. 

We want to show strength and solidarity with the food and beverage industry, so we thought for three days, we’d match their 365 days of unsocial hours and late nights, to create something positive and reactive, amidst such a chaotic time.

We are working hard to ensure that we protect all our customers, and food and beverage is just one part of this. With the current closure of hospitality services in the UK, we knew we should focus on helping those who need support to restructure into a takeaway service. Without this support hundreds of businesses would be at major risk of shutting down. 

Not every independent restaurant owner has the time or money to sign-up to delivery apps, but we strongly believe that this should not hinder their potential to adapt and overcome adversity, in order to fight for their business.  

We’re here to fight with them. BiteBack is a message of hope and positivity, for everyone that wants to move forward together in support of one another.”