Payzone predicts surge in international calling cards for Olympics


Payzone UK, a leading consumer payments network, claims Britain will see a spike in the sales of cross-border Mobile Virtual Network Operators’ (MVNOs) SIM cards and international calling products, due to the estimated 380,000 international visitors expected to descend upon the UK to be part of London 2012 Olympics (source: Oxford Economics).

John Hutchinson, business development director at Payzone, said: “The MVNO market is rapidly evolving and it’s important Payzone helps retailers stay ahead of general and seasonal trends. Payzone carefully monitors the local market and makes sure the Payzone terminal is frequently updated with in demand MVNO products that benefit the local community.”

Payzone said it has long recognised the gradual decline in UK mobile top ups over recent years and has worked to fill this broadening market gap by introducing more products relevant to a Payzone merchant’s regular customer base. This includes International calling cards and MVNO SIM cards. 

According to the company, these in-demand products provide great opportunities for retailers to attract new customers and earn a higher rate of commission per transaction than from traditional mobile top ups. Sales of MVNO and international calling products have increased over recent years as the UK becomes home to a growing number of international students and other incomers, Payzone says.

Hutchinson again: “Many UK businesses are now well underway with plans to cope with the increase in custom during and around the Olympics next year. We expect international calling to be an area of significant increased demand and we want Payzone merchants to be ready to benefit. This means ensuring the widest range of products is available, including MVNO SIM cards, rechargeable calling cards, destination specific deals and single use e-vouchers.”

For consumers that want an easy way to keep in touch with family and friends abroad, the convenience of using a mobile handset to make calls on the go, coupled with competitive calling rates, makes cross-border MVNO’s an increasingly attractive proposition, said Payzone A thirty minute call to India or Africa can now cost less than posting a letter from the UK and with 25,000 Payzone terminals in the UK an MVNO SIM card is easy to get hold of, the company adds.

Saddia Khalique, head of national retail sales for Lebara, a long term partner of Payzone, said: “Keeping in touch with family and friends is a priority for most people. Sales of MVNO and international calling products have increased over recent years as the UK becomes home to a growing number of international communities. We have worked with Payzone for a number of years and will continue the partnership to ensure we get right high quality products to merchants ready for the Olympics.”