Payzone UK to provide mobile top-ups via discount chain, 99p Stores

Jennison: filing market gaps

Jennison: filing market gaps

Payzone UK, a leading consumer payments network, is expanding on the high street in partnership with the fixed price retailer, 99p Stores and its payment processing partner Commidea.

The deal will see Payzone provide mobile top-ups directly through 99p Stores’ EPoS system in over 180 current high-street retail locations, including Family Bargain Outlets.

According to Payzone, 99p Stores’ commitment to providing great value products to its customers makes it the ideal partner. With 25,000 terminals already in retail locations across the UK, Payzone said it is well positioned to provide its services to 99p Stores’ expanding network of shops.

The partnership will complement 99p Stores’ existing PAYG SIM sales, with customers able to activate SIM cards and buy top-up instantly. It will also create a new revenue stream for both 99p Stores and Payzone.

Gary Jennison, managing director at Payzone, said: “We’re delighted to be partnering with not only a major high street chain, but also a successful and rapidly expanding store group. We have a long standing aim to fill market gaps with new services and offering mobile top-ups to 99p Stores’ customers was a clear opportunity. We look forward to developing a successful relationship with 99p Stores.”

Gerry Loughran from 99p Stores said: “We’re excited about the partnership with Payzone as we always look to offer our customers convenient new products. Since we opened our first store in 2001 we have expanded across the UK and introduced 3,500 new product lines. Sales of SIM cards have already proved popular so giving customers the option to buy mobile top-ups as well really completes the service.”