The People’s Supermarket plans second store and new services

The People's Supermarket: expanding kitchen services

The People's Supermarket: expanding kitchen services

Co-operatively-run retailer, The People’s Supermarket (TPS), is planning a second store and expanding its services in food service and delivery.

The retailer has launched a public consultation exercise to investigate the viability for a new store in Homerton, Hackney, and has identified three potential sites.

Currently, the local Chatsworth Road Traders and Residents Association hosts a pop up TPS at the Sunday market on Chatsworth Road.

According to TPS, the launch of a second supermarket is part of its vision of creating commercially sustainable social enterprises, which achieve growth and profitability, while operating within values based on community development and cohesion. 

The supermarket would offer an alternative food buying network to the people of Hackney by connecting an urban community with the local farming community, it said.

TPS has put together a team of advisors to help with the study, including senior partner, Cany Ash of Ash Sakula Architects, who will provide architectural advice and visuals. Ash is also a member of The People’s Supermarket. International management & construction consultants, Gleeds UK, are providing quantity surveying advice.

Kate Bull, CEO of The People’s Supermarket, will be leading the study and presenting the findings to Hackney Council and Viridian Housing Association.

“This is a great opportunity for us further prove our business model works,” she said. “Social enterprises have been mistaken for operating only in the voluntary sector, but it is a way of doing business that goes much wider, across all industries and sectors. Social enterprise is a model of business that can deliver a multitude of things for our local communities including economic growth, jobs, while working towards solving social and environmental problems.”

TPS is also looking to expand the services offered by its in-store kitchen, The People’s Kitchen. According to the retailer, it provides an exciting opportunity to increase sales, drive down waste and provide employment/volunteering positions in the community. TPS is planning to host a series of Supper Clubs on the shop floor to promote the kitchen and drive sales.

It is also launching a delivery service for members and customers. It bought a delivery bike in April 2011, which is sponsored by Metro Bank, and is now looking to its membership to create The People’s Delivery Service Business. 

A range of TPS Christmas Goodies is also in the pipeline.

The People’s Supermarket was opened in the summer of 2010 by Kate Bull, Arthur Potts Dawson and regeneration consultant David Barrie. Today, TPS has 20 paid staff, who are helped by over a 1,000 members serving over 6,000 customers a week.