The People’s Supermarket wins European award for innovation


UK grocery co-operative, The People’s Supermarket (TPS), has won a European award for innovation and creativity.

The Future Minds Awards formed part of a series of exhibitions, which have been hosted across 11 European cities including Amsterdam, London, Barcelona and Milan. 

Winners were chosen from each capital and put forward to the final in Frankfurt for an international team of jurors to decide which of the projects would be crowned the overall winner.

TPS won the London award for business enterprise and was nominated by BBCs Radio DJ, Jo Whiley, who also curated the London exhibition earlier this year; and was put forward for the European final.

Judges voted The People’s Supermarket the most innovative, groundbreaking and sustainable project and the most worthy of the Future Minds Award. 

CEO, Kate Bull, said: “To win the London Smart Urban Award was amazing and huge thanks to Jo Whiley for her nomination and belief in our project, which brought us here today. 

“We really did not believe we could beat some of Europe’s most creative and innovative businesses and take the top prize, but we did. We are a member-run and -owned supermarket in London and whereby each and everyone has a say in how we run the business. 

“This award truly crystalises our position as one of the leading social enterprises in the UK and proves our business model works. Social enterprises all over Europe have been mistaken for operating only in the voluntary sector, but we have proved a way of doing business that goes much wider, across all industries and sectors, not only the in UK, but in Europe. Social enterprise is a model of business that can deliver a multitude of things for our local communities including economic growth, jobs, while working towards solving social and environmental problems.”

Annette Winkler, head of Smart: “With Smart, we are enhancing the quality of life in metropolises of the world since 1998. The People’s Supermarket does the same: bringing people together, being an antidote to the big ones and making neighbourhoods a bit more liveable.”

The People’s Supermarket was opened last summer by Bull, Arthur Potts Dawson and regeneration consultant David Barrie. Today, TPS has 20 paid staff, who are helped by over a 1,000 members, who give four hours per month and serve 8,000 customers a week.