Pep & Lekker: soups in step with today’s healthier living aspirations

Pep & Lekker soups

Healthier living food pioneers Pep & Lekker have diligently spent the summer refining and redefining their flagship vegan soup offer to ensure they’re well placed for Autumn and the inevitable return of less hospitable British weather.

Pep & Lekker’s stylish NEW ‘Soup & More’ livery has been assembled to sit snugly alongside their game-changing ‘Seed Snack’ portfolio (launched July 18), ensuring an eye-catching, united front when it comes to promoting recipes with appetising, all-natural ingredient decks and meaningful nutritional worth.

Soup & More: available in 3 full-bodied flavours: Butternut Squash, Sweet Potato & Ginger, Broccoli, Pea & Lemon and Tomato, Red Pepper & Spelt

According to co-founder, Susan Gafen, ‘Whilst loved as a convenient, wholesome snack, soups are often overlooked as a premium meal made from healthful, best-in-class produce. We wanted to galvanise a younger, more health-conscious audience who appreciated soup, more for its pure, simple ingredients decks and high protein/high fibre makeup, than its quick-fix, low calorie snacking credentials.’

Naturally soup’s healthy standing is beyond dispute and yet many health-conscious advocates continue to consider whether it’s plausible to pursue a vegan-friendly agenda whilst championing recipes with everyday appetite appeal.

Utilizing much loved allotment ingredients like broccoli, butternut squash, red peppers, Soup & More is able to easily champion its organic and gluten-free goals whilst keeping all its recipes nut-free, looking instead to cannelloni beans to ensure its full-bodied, velvety textures.

‘I’m excited,’ concludes Susan, ‘to launch this October a wholesome, all-year round soup offer that’s truly in step with today’s healthier-living aspirations.’