PepsiCo brand launches Chip Tracker to trace crisps

US crisp brand, Lay’s, has launched a ‘Chip Tracker’ on its web site to allow consumers to see where their crisps were made and where the potatoes were grown in the US.

Customers simply enter their postcode and the first three digits of the product code, found on the right hand side of the bag to discover the different locations.

According to the company, Frito-Lay used 2.8bn pounds of potatoes from farmers across America last year.

The Chip Tracker enables consumers to see both where the potatoes are grown, plus pictures of the farmers, and which flavours are made at different locations.

The move by the PepsiCo-owned brand follows the trend to localness and provenance.

In the UK, crisp brand Burts features the name of the potato crisp frier on their packs; while Yorkshire Crisps prides itself on using locally grown potatoes and parsnips for its savoury snacks.

Elsewhere, supermarket Morrisons has launched an egg tracker to show shoppers the farms from which its Natures Nest eggs come.