Pernaton launches new muscle gel in the UK and targets sports enthusiasts


Following the success of its original natural joint gel, Pernaton has launched Pernaton Forte into the UK market: specifically targeting sports enthusiasts for muscle massage.

The gel, which is made in Switzerland, uses the same high quality ingredients as the original Pernaton Gel, including 100 per cent Perna extract sourced from the purest Green Lipped Mussels. Both original Pernaton and Pernaton Forte are the only muscle and joint gels on the market to boast 100 per cent Perna extract.

Pernaton Forte is currently available from eBay and will also be available from The Health Store and Tree of Life from June. Further discussions are already underway with va rious other retailers.

Louise Lamb, brand manager for Pernaton, said: “We are pleased to launch another fantastic product into the UK market. Muscle pain is a common problem amongst our target consumers and they can trust that our all natural gels are of high quality and can help get them back on their feet quickly.

“We’ve received great success with our original Pernaton gel, with a sales increase of almost 50% this year, and we hope to see the same with the new Forte version. The launch of Pernaton Forte is being supported by targeted PR, social media and marketing campaigns.”

Pernaton Forte has the added ingredient of cayenne pepper extract, which is important for relieving muscle discomfort by heating the skin and supporting circulation, while its active essential oils aid beneficial massage.  As a natural gel it can be used alongside existing prescribed drugs.

The gel has also been tested by the following:

–          HFL’s Sports Nutritional Supplement Screen for banned substances.  (HFL is a WADA accredited Laboratory for human sports testing)

–          UKAS ISO 17025 accredited for Sports Nutritional product screening

The Perna extract used in Pernaton Forte is sourced using a special patented process that doesn’t use heat, chemicals or solvents. The Perna is freeze dried to ensure a 100 per cent preservation of the active ingredients. Many other Green Lipped Mussel products on the market contain mussels that have been steamed / cooked or ground down into a powder using simple processes that destroys essential active ingredients.

Pernaton Forte (125ml) is priced from £11.95.