Pet retailer says bonding with your pet is good for mental health and wellbeing


Jollyes, the UK pet people, today (21 January) reminded customers of its lockdown store shopping guidelines on National Hugging Day. 

And because bonding with your pet can help improve mental health and well-being and fight the stress caused by lockdown, it confirmed that its 67 stores are, unlike the first lockdown, allowing live small animal sales. 

Jollyes commercial director Chris Burns said: “There’s plenty of evidence that the companionship that a pet brings, has enormous health benefits in normal times. It’s been more important than ever during the pandemic. 

“This is a national Hugging Day like no other, and it’s even more important to give your dog or cat an extra cuddle that you’ll both enjoy.  

“Even if you have a pet you can’t hold, such as tropical fish, just spending time watching them can really lift your mood.” 

As an essential retailer, Jollyes has kept all its 67 stores open across the UK as normal to serve their local communities and meet the needs of owners and their pets.  

Expert colleagues are on hand to offer advice to owners and recognise the crucial role their pets have played in helping them get through the strains of the past year. 

And unlike the lockdowns of 2020, in addition to pet foods and accessories, its stores are once again selling animals including small pets such as rabbits, hamsters and gerbils, fish, birds and reptiles. 

Significant precautions have been put in place to protect customers and colleagues during the pandemic including social distancing rules, asking customers to wear masks, and offering hand sanitiser on arrival and exit. Stores have also increased their cleaning regimes. 

Jollyes’ Community Pet Clinics will also remain open at selected stores offering appointments for essential veterinary services including certain vaccinations and microchipping. 

Details of the Jollyes chain are in the table below. Customers can find their nearest branch on the store locator at: