Petits Filous partners with Change4Life to help kids Play Free

Petits Filous from Yoplait will return to TV screens this February. The advert will relaunch the brand’s successful Play Free campaign and this year will support the new Change4Life initiative, which encourages parents to “make a swap when you next shop”.

The Change4Life Sugar Swaps campaign encourages families to cut back on sugar by making a few simple swaps to everyday food and drink, such as looking for lower sugar yogurts.

From 4t February 2019, the widespread Play Free campaign will see Petits Filous on screens and in store with the ‘Good Choice’ badge. The campaign will highlight Petits Filous fromage frais is a good choice for children, and activity will be supported through shopper marketing, including barkers and dedicated gondola ends. 

Unlike other yogurts and fromage frais on the market, Petit Filous is fortified with Vitamin D and one serving contains 50% of a child’s daily Vitamin D intake. This, paired with the brand’s heritage, reassures parents that it is a healthier and nutritious snack for their children.

Rahul Gursahani, marketing manager for Yoplait, said: “We’re building on our original Play Free activity and are supporting Change4Life this year to help shoppers locate lower sugar options in store.

“Petits Filous are a great way to ensure that children get their recommended amount of calcium and Vitamin D, while also tasting great.”