Pets At Home partners with Eagle Eye to drive multi-channel customer engagement

Pets At Home: gaining customer insights with Eagle Eye

Pets At Home: gaining customer insights with Eagle Eye

Leading UK pets retailer, Pets At Home, is partnering with Eagle Eye to drive digital customer engagement.

The retailer is using the Eagle Eye transaction software platform for secure validation and redemption of coupons and vouchers at its 350+ stores and online.

“It’s a multi-channel approach, which includes the capability for a delivery to store service,” Andy Smith, Eagle Eye’s client services director, told Retail Times.

“Customers can order online, select a 24-pack of cat food, for example, and ensure that it is going to be ready for collection in-store.

“When it arrives at store, it’s scanned and that triggers an SMS to the customer to say “it’s ready for collection”. It’s a nice way of providing additional customer service,” said Smith.

The partnership also sees the Eagle Eye technology wrap around Pets At Home’s existing loyalty programme, VIP (Very Important Pets), to track vouchers and offers through to the PoS. There are currently 2m Pets At Home VIP shoppers.

“We are now delivering more information to that programme,” said Smith.

Pets At Home can segment its audience and target its offers accordingly, for instance.

If the retailer is sending out two different offers, each with unique codes, the Eagle Eye platform can check what is redeemed and what isn’t, providing additional insights and in real time.

According to Smith, the retailer benefits by using the insights in order to increase its relevancy to shoppers.

“Pets At Home gains insights and a real focus on a valuable shopper base and can use that information to improve the whole customer experience,” he said.