Philip Morris to integrate e-cigarette, heated tobacco products and conventional operations


IQOSPhilip Morris Limited (PM UK and Ireland), a subsidiary of Philip Morris International Inc. (PMI), has announced details of a business transformation, which will fully integrate its cigarette, heated tobacco and e-cigarette (e-vapor) businesses. The key driver for the change is to improve availability and boost adoption of the company’s e-vapor brands, including Vivid, Nicocig and MESH, as well as to prepare for the nationwide roll-out of PM’s heated tobacco product IQOS. The integration represents another important step in the company’s commitment to a smoke-free future.

From July 2017, the sales teams, supply chain, and marketing of Nicocigs Limited will be fully integrated into PM Limited (UK and Ireland), thereby creating a single multi-category business.

Currently, Nicocigs Limited manages and operates its own salesforce and marketing teams. From July, all business activities in the UK will be performed by PM Limited in a multi-category approach, bringing the total number of employees in the UK and Ireland to more than 300.

The integration will result in an improved operating model based on the strengths of a combined field force and support functions.

Commenting on the announcement, PM UK and Ireland managing director, Peter Nixon, said: Bringing all our operations together creates a true multi-category business enabling us to increase our focus on driving adoption of alternatives to smoking, such as electronic cigarettes and heated tobacco products.

“This is an exciting further step towards achieving our objective, in the UK and globally, of a smoke-free future.”