Ping Pong Digital partners with Hugo Boss to leverage position in digital retail space in China


PingPong Digital has announced a partnership with luxury fashion house HUGO BOSS, in a strategic effort to make the Hugo Boss high-end fashion attire more accessible to Chinese consumers.

The announcement comes after PingPong Digital in partnership with E-professional soft launched the Fall Winter 2018 campaign for HUGO BOSS, utilising the Chinese social media platforms Weibo and WeChat. The success of the campaign, which saw Hugo Boss completely sell out of stock before the campaign close date, triggered the ground-breaking decision to confirm the partnership, and to continue working on campaigns through 2019.

Co-founder of PingPong Digital, Jimmy Robinson aims to further utilise their strategic partnership with Chinese microblogging platform Weibo, and multi-purpose messaging and social platform WeChat to optimise the ad options and targeting available in a bid to strengthen HUGO BOSS’s position within the Chinese market.

“It is easy for global brands to become lost in China if the correct messaging, technology, and accurate audience targeting and segmentation is not utilised. You can quickly spend a lot of money without achieving your desired results. We are confident that we will be able to continue the success from the FW18 campaign with strategic planning and optimising in 2019, to further position HUGO BOSS’s brand in China,” said Robinson.

Vera Tong, senior digital and CRM manager – Hugo Boss China, said the company has been researching ways for HUGO BOSS to take on the saturated digital retail space in China for some time.

PingPong Digital in partnership with HUGO BOSS China, HUGO BOSS Global and E-Professional successfully launched the FW18 social media campaign in China. For FW18 HUGO BOSS answers the modern call for style that performs for a fast-paced lifestyle, and the social media campaign that ran on Weibo and WeChat utilised images and video content to capture this important SPORTS TAILORING concept.

“PingPong Digital was innovative and proactive in their approach to working with us by building a gateway H5 campaign page in WeChat that kept users engaged with our ad campaign for over 20 seconds, doubling our previous campaign ad stay time. The results of the social media campaign and wider campaign activities resulted in a sellout success for FW18 and HUGO BOSS looks forward to working with PingPong Digital in 2019 on ever new exciting campaigns,” said Tong.

PingPong Digital is Europe’s largest full service Chinese digital media agency, offering brands the opportunity to launch into China and engage with Chinese consumers. PingPong Digital has an exclusive partnership with Weibo and WeChat and offer end to end strategies to target Chinese consumers across social media, paid media, digital development and PR and brand strategy.