Pizza delivery company, Pizza GoGo, partners with Quorn to launch a new menu

Pizza GoGo, Quorn

New Quorn pizza

Pizza GoGo, the national pizza delivery company, has teamed up with Quorn to launch a new Quorn pizza menu featuring favourites such as BBQ Quorn, Quorn Feast and Quorn Spicy Wings. In the first week of the menu going live, 11% of all Pizza GoGo’s online orders were reported to be from the new Quorn menu.

Fouad Haghighat, owner of Pizza GoGo, said: “When we announced the new menu on Facebook and Twitter, the response was phenomenal. Quorn’s Facebook page had over 65,000 views from consumers.”

Pizza GoGo introduced the Quorn pizzas following research asking customers how the pizza delivery company could refresh its menu. Fouad said: “Our vegetarian customers told us they wanted something ‘different’ and we have worked with Quorn to meet the challenge.”

Pizza GoGo has promoted the pizzas by delivering the new menu to over 4.5 million households and this will continue over the coming months. Staff are wearing Quorn t-shirts in store to encourage customers to buy.

Fouad saids: “Our biggest seller to date is the ‘Create your Quorn’ pizza. And, it’s not just vegetarians who want it. Customers are adding Quorn to lots of different pizza toppings, proving that it’s seen as a healthy protein that can complement a variety of ingredients.

“All our stores have had one-to-one training on the new Quorn range, even taking a test to ensure they were confident cooking with the new ingredients before they were allowed to serve the new pizzas.  We needed to be sure they were able to prepare the Quorn pizzas properly.” 

Quorn wings

Quorn wings

Tony Davison, commercial manager foodservice, Quorn Foods, said: “This is a thrilling venture for us. The conversations the new menu has started on social media are amazing. We couldn’t ask for a better stamp of approval.  It’s also great to see that the menu has such broad appeal. We know that consumers are more aware of the need for including healthy proteins within their diets. Quorn is the perfect solution.”