Pizza Hut combines pizza and burger to launch Cheeseburger Pizza crust nationwide


By combining two of the UK’s most popular dishes, pizza and burgers, Pizza Hut claims it has redefined the possibilities of satisfying the palate by launching a product that is to be seen to be believed, the Cheeseburger Pizza.

Available to enjoy for the first time in the UK, the limited edition pizza has mini beef burgers baked into the crust and is topped with melted mozzarella.

Perfect for sharing, the Cheeseburger Pizza is described as a mouthwatering creation that will satisfy even the most indecisive of taste buds.

Famed for bringing you Stuffed Crust, The Edge Cheesy Bites, Crown Crust and Hot Dog Stuffed Crust, the Cheeseburger Pizza is available in both Pizza Hut restaurants and delivery huts nationwide from 16 September 2013.

Customers can replace a Pan or Italian base with the new Cheeseburger Pizza for £2.50.