Pizza Hut launches digital marketing push featuring comedian Paddy McGuinness

Pizza Hut Restaurants is launching a digital marketing campaign featuring comedian Paddy McGuinness and a series of online sketches.  

McGuinness’s role at Pizza Hut Restaurants, which has 330 huts across the UK, is designed to help inject some fun and passion back into the brand through his use of comedy.  
McGuinness has produced, scripted and stared in a series of clips that see him incorporating his catchphrases and famous ‘paddy-isms’ while playing himself as a David Brent-esque manager at Pizza Hut Restaurants HQ. 
This year-long collaboration is part of Pizza Hut Restaurants’ ongoing investment in enhancing the experience of the guests who eat at its restaurants and engage with the brand.  In addition, the decision to role out McGuinness’s involvement through online activity, rather than traditional TV advertising, is part of its new digitally focused marketing strategy, the company said. This is based on first-hand customer insight and reflects a move towards more innovative customer relationship management, according to Pizza Hut.  
Kathryn Austin, director of HR and marketing at Pizza Hut Restaurants, said: “Our partnership with Paddy reflects a new chapter in Pizza Hut Restaurants’ digital approach and customer engagement. Our customer base no longer relies on television as a way of accessing information and prefer communicating with us in a digital environment. As a result we’ve shaken up our marketing strategy and moved towards a multi-channel approach. 
“It has been fantastic working with Paddy on our viral marketing and he’s a great fit for the brand; he has a genuine enthusiasm for our food and guest experience and the partnership has been completely collaborative. We look forward to working with him over the coming year.”
McGuinness said: “I’ve always been a Pizza Hut Restaurants customer and now I get to work with them which is great because it’s a brand I admire for both its fun personality and fresh thinking. They are really open to my crazy ideas and filming the videos was such a laugh. I’m really looking forward to see what everyone thinks.”