Planera launches a breakthrough in period care with flushable pads

Planera launches the world’s only certified flushable pads freeing the planet from permanent waste and reducing carbon footprints with one simple flush.

Made from just three materials: plant fibres, tree sap, and a unique water-dispersible, biodegradable polymer. Once flushed, Planera pads break down into small plant fibres that are processed into clean water, energy from biogas, and fertiliser.

Founded by a female doctor and male engineer, Olivia Ahn and Aaron Koshy were frustrated with companies forcing the responsibility of waste onto consumers and the low performance, expense and inconvenience of sustainable products. This led them onto create this industry-changing product:

The current feminine care market leader produces over 3 million tonnes of microplastics every year, creating permanent waste. Planera’s flushable pad lasts less than 30 days, putting to shame products on the market that take a whopping 500 years to degrade. Even organic pads take 100 years! Finally, a solution to a problem that needs solving: 56% of disposable products end up in our world’s landfills, 14% are incinerated and 30% are left in our waterways.

30% of period care products in the UK are flushed. 0% are flushable. Until now. Every single piece of plastic ever made still exists – Conventional disposable menstrual products are made from 90% plastic – along with their packaging,  generate 200,000

tonnes of waste per year. That’s why Planera pads are the only pad that guarantees no microplastics.

Dr Olivia Ahn says: What do you do with a £23 billion industry – used by over half the world – that generates enough permanent waste from conventional and organic pads to choke the planet over 1600 times every single year? You kill it. Time for a new market leader with zero microplastics, half the carbon footprint, and the most convenient and hygienic route of disposal for people with periods. Planera’s promise is that the pad you use today will be gone by your next period.”

Aaron Koshy says: “Our waste should not outlive us.  A pad that is used for 8 hours should never remain for 500 years. We spent the last 4 years working with 1500 members of our community to create over 300 iterations of our pad. We learnt from our failures and made some important breakthroughs! Together we developed the only certified flushable pad that breaks down in days, not centuries.”

Following the COVID-19 pandemic consumers have dramatically evolved, becoming more aware of the issues, 60% of Brits reported that they were making more environmentally friendly, sustainable, or ethical purchases since the start of the pandemic. Perfect timing to do even more within the realm of period care.

This product protects the Earth and cuts down your carbon footprint. 

A breakthrough in period care.