Plant-based baby food brand, Little Tummy, extends range


Little Tummy, the UK’s first honest baby food brand, announced expansion of their current range with the addition of two new meal options: Nerve Strengthener: Spinach, Sweet Potato & Chickpea; My first breakfast: Millet, Apple, Yoghurt & Cinnamon. Launched in 2018 by Nadine Hellmann and Dr Sophie Niedermaier-Patramani, in response to the ever-increasing demand for high quality, but convenient baby meal options, Little Tummy aims to cater to parents’ busy lives, without compromising on babies’ nutritional needs. While the baby food market seemingly has plenty of choice, a lack of truly fresh, healthy meals has meant parents have been resorting to home cooking. This shift has resulted in a loss for the ready-made baby food of over 3% in value and 8% in volume to homemade foods in 2018. (Mintel BabyFood and Drink Report, 2018)

The baby food sector is saturated, mostly, with heavily heat-processed foods that are lacking in taste as well as the crucial nutrients needed at this stage of babies’ development. Little Tummy is disrupting the market by removing the hassle of making homemade baby food by offering fresh, paediatrician-developed meals, created using HPP (cold pressure method) preserving vital nutrients, textures and flavours.

Commenting on the business journey so far, co-founder Nadine Hellmann said: “While the current options in the baby food market cater to convenience, sadly there has long been a gap for high quality, fresh and nutritious foods, that also tick the convenience box. We know that many parents turn to batch cooking at home for their young children, as the commercial options are unappealing to them – this can be a huge stress at a time that many are also returning to work. In fact the 2018 Mintel report on Baby Food & Drink showed a steep increase in the proportion of working mothers, which hit an all-time high of 74% in the same year. Little Tummy is the first UK baby food brand that will actually deliver on both nutrition and convenience.”

The full range now features the following delicious, cold-pressed, and Paediatrican approved recipes, available to order via;

  1. Gut Booster: Blueberry, Quinoa & Greek Yoghurt
  2. Nerve Strengthener: Spinach, Sweet Potato & Chickpea
  3. Brain Food: Chickpea, Cauliflower & Kale
  4. Muscle Meals: Sweet Potato, Mango & Red Lentil
  5. My First Breakfast: Millet, Apple, Yoghurt & Cinnamon
  6. Green Fingers: Kale, Apple & Quinoa