Plant-based brand BOL to add new recipes to Posh Noodles, Power Soups, One Pot Meals, Veg Pots, and Dinner Boxes

This November, plant-based brand BOL is launching a host of new recipes to their Posh Noodles, Power Soups, One Pot Meals, Veg Pots, and Dinner Boxes ranges.

The new recipes come after BOL recorded a triumphant October, achieving £1.7m RSV (a 71% YoY increase vs Oct 2020), and gearing the brand up for its strongest Veganuary yet.

The new recipes, which will all be found in Tesco stores nationwide, include Energy Boosting Thai Red Coconut & Lentil, and Immune Boosting Roasted Butternut Squash & Chilli Power Soups, an Italian Roasted Tomato Pasta Veg Pot, a Sweet Potato Katsu Curry One Pot Meal, Spicy Firecracker Udon and Japanese Yakisoba Posh Noodles, and a Chickpea Masala Dinner Box. 

Each one is packed with healthy plant protein, fibre, and up to four portions of veg, along with fragrant herbs and spices to help nourish people in a natural way this winter.

Paul Brown / Jess Vara, Senior BM at BOL, says: “The NPD we launched in the summer has transformed BOL, contributing to 55% of our overall monthly volume, and helping us to feed the UK 350,000 plant-based meals.  We want to continue creating delicious, plant-based recipes that excite and interest all consumers, whether they are passionate plant eaters, or those looking to eat a little less meat each week, and we believe our new recipes are set to do just that.”

Energy Boosting Thai Red Coconut & Lentil Power Soup

Bring some colour to your table with the fragrant flavours delicious sweet potato and mighty lentils, along with Thai Lime Leaf, lemongrass and Thai basil, a generous squeeze of lime, and an indulgent swirl of coconut cream to finish. It’s a real boost of East Asian energy, with 2 of your 5-a-day per serve and a healthy hit of plant-based protein.  We’re confident it can brighten even the greyest of UK days

Immune Boosting Roasted Butternut Squash & Chilli Power Soup

This is a winter warmer with all the colour of summer: a silky blend of butternut, carrot, mango and turmeric, creamy coconut, and a surprising chilli kick. It’s a plant-based twist on a classic combination, supercharged with vitamins and the best flavours Mother Nature has to offer. A full bowl equates to 4 of your 5-a-day, a heap of fibre, and plant protein. It’s the ultimate meal deal.

Italian Roasted Tomato Pasta Veg Pot

We’ve married the indulgence of Italian dining with the nourishment of plants. Carrots, courgette, and spinach are mixed through a delicious, sun-drenched tomato sauce, and basil infused oil. Swirl your fork through soft gemelli pasta, nutty cannellini beans and juicy Kalamata olives. Despite its decadent taste, this pot is packed with healthy fats, vitamins such as E and A, plus satiating fibre and protein.

Sweet Potato Katsu Curry One Pot Meal

Small pot.  Big taste.  Enormous nutrition.  A trio of black turtle beans, chickpeas and lentils contribute a whopping 20 grams of plant protein to this dish.  Then, add rice into the mix and we present to you: all 9 essential amino acids and a source of ‘complete protein.’ Sweet potato, carrot and red pepper bring Vitamin A to the party – vital for growth and development and general immune function.

Spicy Firecracker Udon Posh Noodles

We’ve really taken noodles to a new level. This recipe brings the heat through our special firecracker sauce: an artful blend of garlic, chilli, soy and ginger. In every mouthful, enjoy the vibrancy of Japanese cuisine with paprika spiced black beans, crisp bamboo shoots and a mix of refreshing leafy greens

Japanese Yakisoba Posh Noodles

All the fragrant flavours of Japanese food stalls, captured in one posh pot.  Indulge in the sweet, tangy tastes of our Yakisoba style dish.  Turmeric noodles meet gingery sweet potato and satiating black beans, finished off with a scattering of sweet, juicy corn and dark leafy greens.  It’s street food turned superfood: packing healthy plant protein, fibre, and lots of hidden veg.

Chickpea Masala Dinner Box

We’ve perfected a blend of traditional masala spices to transport your tastebuds to beautiful Northern India: with authentic onion bhajis, pilau rice and a show stopping sauce packed with fragrant ginger, chilli, fennel and cardamom. All the indulgence of fine dining, with a plant powered twist (and none of the washing up.)